Weight It - For Luggage: Black


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Luggage and Travel
Description and Overview 

WEIGH IT gives you peace of mind.

No more sinking feeling while you're waiting in the queue for your flight wondering if your case is overweight and just how much it might cost you.
No more surprises on your return flight when you might have additional items making your case even heavier.
WEIGH IT means no more excess charges.
WEIGH IT is easy to use, extremely accurate and stores away safely on your travels.

Weighs up to 50kg (110lb)
Large easy-read super bright display
Tactile easy-grip for comfortable use
Foolproof attachment system which is simple for ALL to use
Accurate to within 0.1kg (100g)
Our stylish WEIGH IT™ travel case protects both the scale and your belongings
Includes 2 x CR2032 Lithium batteries



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