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Description and Overview 

Perfect Sandwich is an innovative wet-dry solution designed to solve the age-old soggy sandwich problem.
By keeping the fixings apart from the bread in a sealed, water-tight compartment until meal time, Perfect Sandwich ensures that your sandwich will taste as fresh as if you just made it.

The reusable container includes a removable Perfect Chill cooling device.
By separating fresh ingredients such as meats, lettuce, tomatoes etc, in a sealed, watertight compartment and away from the bread until mealtime, Perfect Sandwich ensures that your sandwich will taste as fresh as if you just made it.

Have a sandwich that doesn’t require you to keep the bread separate from the contents? No problem! Simply push down the FLEXtech® divider and the entire sandwich fits in to the compartment while still being kept cool and fresh until mealtime.
The reusable container includes a removable PerfectCHILL cooling device.
How do I use Perfect Sandwich®?
1. Add PerfectCHILL® cool pack from the freezer to the bottom section, put the wet ingredients on top.
2. Pop-up the rubber FLEXtech® divider to allow room for the fresh ingredients, or push the divider down to hold a full sandwich.
3. Close the middle divider to seal in the wet ingredients, then place bread on the dry top.
4. Close entire container and secure the latch creating a water-tight seal.
5. Enjoy a cool, dry, fresh sandwich every time. Just perfect!


Contain This!

Contain This! carries a container to keep your sandwiches fresh!

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