Handy Camel

Handy Camel carries bag clips for the garden and the home.

Handy Camel Clip for Small Bags

It carries, it seals, it pours, and it stores
Suitable for all of your indoor and small to medium sized bags
Made from food grade material
Dishwasher safe
Freezer safe
All the same features and benefits as its award winning big brother, the original Handy Camel Bag Clip for Large Bags


Handy Camel Clip for Large Bags

Garden Accessory of the Year 2015
It Carries, it seals, it pours and it stores
Suitable for all your large bags
Garden, pet, bird, home, DIY, commercial etc
Rated to carry 20kg
Makes lifting and manoeuvring large cumbersome bags so much easier
Seals the bag keeping the contents fresh
Designed with “no tear technology” so it will not tear even the thinnest of bags
Attach at an angle and use as a pouring aid to dispense with precision